Nina Bogomas

+1 212 531 3683

Harpist for New York (incl. 
Long Island), New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Connecticut.
Able to travel anywhere in 
the USA & Internationally 
for special occasions. 

also known as Ninette Bogomas, is a blissfully versatile harpist with a wide 
repertoire that includes classical, jazz, pop, new age, children's songs and
world music. She has performed solo and in ensembles throughout France,
Great Britain and the United States. She has played with the legendary 
Sun Ra Arkestra, Poppy Seed, Cardiff Symphony, Oxford Symphony, the
Lenox Baroque Orchestra, Les Musettes de Saint-Germain and Orchestre 
de Beaugrenelle.

As a recording session Harpist, she has played for great innovative artists
such as Poppy Seed, MB Woody Green, Healing Sounds , D-Influence (name 
on CDs appear as Nina Bogonas) and Carleen Anderson (also Nina Bogonas).

Nina offers:
- Harp Solo performances for all occasions, including corporate events,
weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, religious services, fashion shows,
studio recordings, film productions, etc.
-Private Harp lessons for adults and children.
-Soothing and Healing Harp music therapy sessions.
-Relaxing Harp CDs expected to be released in 2008.